The Slow Breathing Book

Slower Breathers Live Longer

The Slow Breathing Book

The slow breathing book offers practical life tools designed to optimize your breathing in a slow-deep-visual breath, which will improve your metabolic health providing more energy and longevity.

Breath is power! When I refer to the power of breath, I am speaking not only to the power of inhaling and exhaling, but also to the power of the breaths we shape, the songs we sing, the words we speak, and the stories we tell about ourselves and others through precious air.

When I was a child and young adult, I suffered from a crippling stutter. Simple expression was a major embarrassment. I spent years seeing therapists in Dublin, London and Sydney.

At the age of 22, a meditation teacher introduced me to a slow breathing technique. After practicing it for only a week, my life-long stutter disappeared and has not come back.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what issues you might have, everyone can benefit from the breath’s life-changing effects. Conscious, slow breathing is a moment-to-moment fusion of nature’s medicine, no matter what you desire to heal in yourself.

Let us also remind ourselves who eventually won the race between the tortoise and the hair. In the real animal world, faster-breathing animals actually do live shorter lives. Remember that we too are designed to breathe slowly and deeply. It is simple, slow deep breathing that is our inner power, sustaining us for a long life and along the way winning many slow races.
Dr. David Kearney
Los Angeles Acupuncture | Dr. David Kearney