Just Chaaa....

Breathing, Feeling and Touching Your Way to More Energy

With endorsements from such household names as Ringo Starr, I present and suggest simple tactics, including mindful breathing, pausing, and using humor, to ground oneself in the present moment.

In this book I present my own journey of healing personal ailments, such as a stutter and anxiety, through practices such as meditation, stretching, and controlled breathing.

These are empowering solutions for stress, depression, and a host of other physical issues.

The book is also full of intriguing perspectives on biology. For example, did you know that the human eye was designed to view the horizon and wide-open space? Thus, bodily alignment, lifted stature, and an open gaze help restore the body to its natural, relaxed state. It’s easy to see why contemporary practices, such as long hours at a computer or lying on a couch watching television, wouldn’t signal the body to relax in the same way that engagement with nature on a trail, beach, or an open field might.

What sets this book apart from other self-improvement texts is its innovative approaches: “walking breath,” “slow power,” and resting before sleep are just a few of the ideas that are easy to try right away.

I also take the time and care to explain the science and rationale behind each practice.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my mother for giving me unwavering love and devotion and for showing me the way in life, and to the memory of my father whose early departure set me on a path that spurred my passion for alternative health.
Dr. David Kearney
Los Angeles Acupuncture | Dr. David Kearney