Acupuncture - Santa Monica - Los Angeles

Acupuncture - Santa Monica - Los Angeles

Acupuncture - Santa Monica - Los Angeles



"Thank you to my friends Ringo Starr, and his wife Barbara. Jeff Lynne for being a friend and fellow soccer fanatic. Bob Dylan and family. George, Olivia and Dahni Harrison."

—Dr. David Kearney

David Kearney is recognized with special acknowledgments on Bob Dylan’s album, “Knocked out and Loaded”, as well as George Harrison’s album, “Cloud Nine”. He has worked with countless other celebrities, as well as patients from the private sector.

Many of his appearances have been publicized in newspapers or on radio shows. He has appeared on Reuters, whose story on the Beatles included an interview with Dr. Kearney, whose association with them is uniquely personal. He was also featured on CNN on a piece about doctors who treat stars. It was a double interview, as he treated Cheech Marin during the course of the presentation. He has taught workshops for performers as well as for the private sector. His 7-hour transformative self-healing course, “Power Healing”, has been an attraction for decades. The course has been taught extensively, and has helped thousands gain the practical knowledge presented more extensively in Just Chaaa. A video paired with the workshop features an opening interview with Ringo Starr, who attests to the importance of Dr. Kearney’s breath-work.

“This is a program about getting things moving” —Ringo Starr

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Just Chaaa...: Breathing, Feeling and Touching Your Way to More Energy

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